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Why Martial arts is the Best Kids activity

Posted: February 03, 2020

The Three Words of Success

Here at BE Martial Arts, we live by three simple words – Yes I Can. Throughout all of our classes, all of our programs, and all of our interactions with our students, Yes I Can is at the forefront of absolutely everything that we do and everything that we teach. These three words are the most powerful tool that a child or an adult can use to help them accomplish their goals, to overcome any obstacle, and to face any challenge with the focus, determination, and confidence needed to succeed.

Today, we’d like to invite you into the three words of success by filling you in on what it’s all about.

4 Hidden Benefits to Having Your Child in Martial Arts

Posted: January 28, 2020

Hey BEMA Parents,

Have you ever had that friend that asked “Why is your son/daughter in martial arts?” I am sure you have. I am also sure that you were able to provide a great answer to that question. I was recently asked that question as well! Before I replied, I knew I really wanted to get to the heart of what we do at BE Martial Arts, beyond the typical responses. So instead, I remembered a few hidden benefits that I hear most often from our parents!


Helping Children Set Age - Appropriate Goals

Posted: January 14, 2020

The New Year has arrived, and lofty resolutions have been set. Anything from working out daily to saving money to losing weight, our society knows how to dream big! However, when big dreams aren’t broken down into smaller, achievable goals, failure often ensues. And to make matters worse, our children watch us throughout this short-lived journey. So how can we teach our children to be excited about making personal changes while ensuring the goals are age-appropriate and attainable? 

It all starts with a desire to accomplish something new or change something you currently do. When we help children with this process, it is important to find out what they wish to achieve...not what we want for them. The goal then needs to be written down and broken up into smaller, short term goals that are set in a certain frame of time. This will keep the momentum going as they begin achieving these quicker objectives and tracking their progress will help them see how much they have improved. Checking in and reevaluating goals throughout the course of it will also help ensure personal success. 

With success and development in mind, the ATA created the ATA Life Skills program.  Within this, goal setting is one component and students of all ages learn this skill. The best part is that Life Skills are age appropriate because the lessons are broken down by developmental stage. By doing it this way, children learn how to set attainable goals that are realistic for their stage of development. 

How to Improve Your Child's Concentration

Posted: March 20, 2019

As time goes on, one may notice that it is more common to come across a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD – meaning either attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or just attention deficit disorder. Now some parents find that putting their children on medication has helped them pay attention and focus more easily, while other parents think their kid is just being a kid. 

Whichever group you may fall into, there are ways that you, as a parent, can help improve your child’s concentration skills. This can be done with simple activities that are not only fun, but can be done at home with very little financial investment.  A suggestion is to try out these activities before bringing your child to a doctor to see if you notice any improvement with their concentration skills. Four awesome activities are as follows:

Martial Arts Makes Great Leaders

Posted: March 20, 2019

Becoming a great leader takes time, practice and a plethora of skills. However, you don't have to take classes in leadership to develop the traits and abilities most often associated with positions of authority. Martial arts can also teach such skills. Here are three traits all leaders should have that martial arts may help you learn:

1. Perseverance  As with any position, leadership roles come with ups and downs. However, leaders may feel the impact of mistakes or challenges even more because they bear the burden of responsibility. But when the going gets tough, good leaders have to persevere, not only to maintain their role, but also to motivate and support their staff. Martial artists also require perseverance. From mastering difficult moves to pushing on during a losing sparring match to just getting through a tough day of training, practitioners face all sorts of odds. The persistence and determination you learn from picking yourself up off a mat can be useful outside of the dojo as well.

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